Practice Areas

Estate Planning

The Law Offices of Latasha Wells Amerson has combined traditional Estate Planning with Technology and Innovation to produce a uniquely  customized experience for our clients.   

There is no such thing as a basic legacy, therefore our firm customizes everything from the client intake, document drafting, and legacy video specifically with the clients goals in mind.  We recognize the intimacy of such matters and believe in a personalized approach to client engagement.     

Estate Planning Services include: 

•Revocable Living Trusts  

•Pour Over Wills  

•Durable Power of Attorney  

•Advanced Healthcare Directives  

•Certificate of Trusts  


Drafing of individual or specialized documents such as Wills also available depending on the needs of our clients.

Legacy Videos

The firm offers a wide array of creative video productions suited perfectly to each individual client.  This exciting celebrity experience can be arranged to compliment the clients Estate Plan; serve as a planned legacy heirloom, and offer much needed solice during the later phases of the grief process. 

It is as important as the plan itself that clients have the opportunity to self express their legacy as documented by video evidence, state of mind, and the life they are currently enjoying.  

Videos may be taken in our office, at the clients residence, or other significant locations to the client.  

This is the clients time to shine.  We even arrange for a make up artist, or provide the client with a motion camera to catch the important aspects of life for B roll.  Lights, Camera, Action, WOW!